The brand “Golden Sun”, was founded in 2006 by the owner Mrs Moon.

Armed with a burning passion to serve guests who wish to stay in the most luxurious, convenient and completely modern space with the perfect quality of service by staff who will do anything and everything in their power to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable. For these reasons Golden Sun was born.

To make sure that all guests are completly and utterly satisfed with the stay with us - the following service commitments will certainly be found everywhere in our system: 



Golden Sun is currently  managing the group of followings:

  • Golden Sun Palace Hotel - Add: 33 Hang Quat str., Hanoi
  • Golden Sun Suites Hotel - Add: 35 Hang Quat str., Hanoi
  • Golden Sun Villa Hotel - Add: 68 Hang Trong str., Hanoi
  • Golden Sun Moment Hotel - Add: 15 Hang Can str., Hanoi
  • Artisan Lakeview Hotel - Add: 23b Hang Hanh str., Hanoi
  • Artisan Boutique Hotel - Add: 24 Hang Hanh str., Hanoi
  • Madam Moon Hanoi - Add: 17 Hang Hanh str., Hanoi

 Manager Mrs. Moon & team welcome you!